BlazingCDN Review – Is it a Hidden Gem?

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The popularity of CDN services is increasing at a rapid speed. If you’re in the digital marketing industry for a long time, I’m sure that you absolutely know the importance of website speed.

Here, A CDN service can help you to ensure a faster experience for your visitors. Also, It prevents site crashes by distributing the bandwidth in multiple servers, instead of allowing one server to handle the traffic and requests.

In short, It maximizes the performance <img draggable= and security of your website.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at BlazingCDN, an all-in-one CDN solution for website owners that’s cost-effective as well.

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Let’s dive in..

What is BlazingCDN and What Exactly It Does?

BlazingCDN Review

BlazingCDN is an all-in-one and fast performing CDN solution for every type of marketers. You can accelerate your website to increase sales and conversion, or you can stream videos from anywhere in the world without buffering issues.

Even if you are a non-technical guy, Their easy-to-use panel allows you to manage your site at a single place. It is a perfect fit for Internet marketers, Bloggers, and Website owners.

BlazingCDN is a part of Data Web Admin, which is helping its customers to grow their online business from almost the last 20 years!

Well, If we talk about the CDN network, There are lots of popular services available online, including big-beast like Amazon, Google, Stackpath, Alibaba, etc. But, these CDN services come at a high price, and It is quite complex to set up as well.

At the same time, BlazingCDN offers you the same high-speed performance with minimal latency at a very cost-effective price that even a beginner can afford it.

Isn’t it great? You’ll also get 7 days free trial on BlazingCDN.


How BlazingCDN Works?

There is never a dull moment with BlazingCDN, all thanks to their NVMe powered global data centers and intelligent routing.

How BlazingCDN Works

But, There may be a question in your creative mind that How it actually works?

BlazingCDN automatically replicates all your images, content, and other files around the world and then delivers the content to our user from the nearest data center.

It improves the website speed by gradually reducing the latency.

Let’s understand it with an example…

If your website is hosted on any Europe server and the majority of your site visitors are from the US. So, No doubt, Your site will perform slow.

But, At the same time, If you’ll use a fast CDN service like BlazingCDN. Then, It will deliver the website content and other files from the nearest location .i.e, from the US server. It will surely make the website load faster.

That’s not all; there are many more benefits and features of BlazingCDN. Let’s have a look –

BlazingCDN Features 

BlazingCDN comes with many jaw-dropping powerful features that you can use to skyrocket your website speed.

#SpeedIsEveryThing, Am I Right? <img draggable=

BlazingCDN Features, BlazingCDN Review

1. Global Data Centres

The number of datacentre location of a CDN service greatly matters. Here, BlazingCDN has 20 NVMe Powered Global data centers to meet all customers’ needs.

Here’s the list of Servers location (It’s a huge list!) –

North America and South America 

  • SanFransicso
  • Seattle
  • Pasadena
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Dallas 
  • Atlanta
  • New York
  • Ashburn
  • Miami
  • UMA


  • Madrid
  • London
  • Paris
  • Stockholm
  • Zurich
  • Milan
  • Amsterdam
  • Frankfurt
  • Moscow
  • Marseille

Asia & Oceania 

  • Seoul
  • Tokyo
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong

Their Intelligent content routing system delivers your content from the nearest server to the user with a 95%+ Cache hit rate. When any request comes, It is automatically transferred to the customer’s nearest PoP. So, Your users will have the best customer journey.

Also, Never let your site down with BlazingCDN because it offers a 99.99% Uptime guarantee to keep your site fast and fully-functional all the time.

2. Top-Notch Security

Keep your website and account safe with the robust security features of BlazingCDN like –

2 Factor Authentication – You can completely secure your BlazingCDN account by using 2FA. So, Nobody can get access pf your account until and unless you enter the security code (Which renews in every 2 minutes.)

One-Click Free SSL Certificate – Most of the CDN providers don’t provide an SSL certificate with their services and But here. BlazingCDN takes the upper hand by proving free Let’s Encrypt SSL. It will secure the data transit, which is in between the server and browser.

So, It will be nearly impossible for hackers to access the essential data from your server.

IP blocklisting – You can protect your website from Bot attacks using the IP blocklisting feature. In addition, You can also block other SPAMMY IP address from accessing your website.

3. Image Optimization

An Image is worth a thousand words,’ No doubt, this statement is completely correct. But, The file size of Images is also much greater than the file size of a typical text document, hehe <img draggable=

Apart from joke, Images take extra time to load completely; it can slow down your website speed.

That’s why Image optimization is essential to load your website faster for better user experience.

Here, BlazingCDN makes it quick! Besides, It supports every type of image formats, including WebP. You can easily store and replicate your images into their global servers.

They also offer Automatic Backups to ensure that you won’t lose anything. 

Interesting, right?

Not only images, With BlazingCDN, but your website also loads 5 times faster as all your CSS ad JS files are being served by their high-performance network, and That’s how you can save your web hosting bandwidth usage and server load.

Are you ready to use BlazingCDN?


4. Friendly Support

If you need any help or any question regarding BlazingCDN. So, Their dedicated experts will help you; you don’t need to be a technical guy because they will do the work for you.

You will get 24×7 fast Email support and Ticket support.

5. Video CDN Solution

If you want to host video in any of your web pages. So, Speed and Buffering issues may be a concern for you.

But now, With their cutting-edge technology and the world’s leading network carriers like Century link, PPW, Cogent, and IPTP, You can make your web page must faster than before without excessive usage of Bandwidth.

It is No. 1 in terms of HLS video startup speed. You’ll also get multilevel hotlink protection to secure your video streaming.

Isn’t it great?

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6. Real-time statics

You can easily manage and filter your traffic with real-time statics and detailed report. 

Including statistics per pull zone, traffic statistics, Bandwidth statistics, HTTP/HTTPS & Cache, Non-Cache statistics.

It will also capture the visitors IP address. So, You can quickly identify the malicious or spammy IP address to blacklist it.

Simply Awesome! Are you enjoying it?

Jaw-Dopping Benefits of BlazingCDN 

BlazingCDN Review, BlazingCDN Benefits

  • You'll get one-click free let's encrypt SSL certificate, Super easy to install.
  • Free Anycast DNS.
  • Bandwidth overdraft protection and High performance Cloud Storage. 
  • You can also use BlazingCDN to provide the best gaming experience to your users for playing and downloading the game with reliable data transfer of 1 Gbit/s & Fault tolerant network.
  •  Free DDoS Protection (Distributed denial of service) to prevent bot attacks and flood of internet traffic.
  • Multiple Payment Option including world's best payment gateway like PayPal and Stripe.

BlazingCDN Pricing

BlazingCDN Pricing

BlazingCDN offers its services without a long term contract and comes up with an unbeatable pricing structure.

You’ll get two plans: Monthly Plan and Pay as you go.

The best part?

Unlike other CDN services that offer confusing and in-consistent pricing across the globe, BlazingCDN provides Global flat-rate .i.e, the same pricing for different territories. 

And Guess, How much? 

$0.005 per GB only! So, You can enjoy the lightning-fast performance with their most cost-effective pricing.

Let’s talk about their monthly plan…

BlazingCDN Monthly Pricing

You’ll have to pay for the monthly traffic cost; here’s the pricing structure:

For 5TB – $21,25

For 25TB – $106,25

For 50TB – $212,5

For 100TB – $425

For 500TB $1950

There is no hidden cost; you can choose the best and most suitable plan for your business and speed up your website performance. 

Let’s compare BlazingCDN pricing and performance with its competitors –

BlazingCDN Review and Comparison

Amazing! So, here it’s performance compared with other popular CDN services (lesser ms is better) –

BlazingCDN Performance

BunnyCDN – 86.91, OVH – 140.78 and BlazingCDN – 84.98ms!

Apart from that, You can save around 46% of your CDN cost with their overcharge protection.

Payment Options

BlazingCDN uses the world’s best, leading, and secure payment gateway like PayPal and Stripe (Credit & Debit card). It also supports international transactions, so you can enjoy their services from anywhere in the world!

You can add your credit card with BlazingCDN. So, They will automatically charge your monthly subscription amount according to the plan, or You can also manually renew the subscription and add credit.

It offers 7 days fully functional trial that you can use to taste their blazing-fast CDN service.

Getting Started

It is very quick and easy to get started with BlazingCDN and using its services. Here’s a step-by-step process to activate their trial and setting up the pull zone and storage bucket –

Activating 7 Days Free Trial

Step  1 – Click here to sign up using your email address and password.

Create New Account With BlazingCDN

Step 2 – You’ll receive a confirmation email from BlazingCDN; click on the verification link.

Step 3 – On the next page, Fill your name, country origin, and address.

BlazingCDN Review, Enter details

Step 4 – Now, Enter your credit card details (Optional)

Step 5 – Hurray! Your 7 days free trial is now activated. Now, You can explore all their premium features easily.

It is recommended to enable 2 Factor authentication to protect your account. You can allow it from account > Security > 2FA.

The BlazingCDN Dashboard

BlazingCDN Dashboard

The advanced control panel of BlazingCDN is simply clean and user friendly. Their powerful panel allows you to handle all your pull zones at the same time.

Even a non-technical person can use it easily. In case, If you face any problem, their team of experts is always ready to help you! (24/7/365)

You can check the bandwidth usage, current balance, and total cost from your dashboard.

Adding Pull Zone

With BlazingCDN, It is very simple to create a pull zone. Let’s see –

Step 1 – Login to BlazingCDN Dashboard. Here you will see the option to Create CDN; click on it.

BlazingCDN Review

Step 2 – On the next page, Click on Create Pull Zone.

Create Pull Zone

Step 3 – Here, You can choose between your origin and cloud storage (a source of your file) to create a pull zone. Here, I’m selecting the origin (first option) 

Enter Origin Name in BlazingCDN

Step 4 – Now, Enter your pull zone (It is recommended to use your website name) and Website URL.

Step 5 – Almost done; just click on “Create Pull  Zone.”

Step 6 – Awesome! Your pull zone is ready to use; you can add a Custom Domain for your CDN as well.

So simple, Right?

In addition, You can edit the setting, origin server, and manage pull zone references as well.

BlazingCDN Review, Setting BlazingCDN

Creating Storage Bucket

You can also create a Private or CDN storage bucket for your website. Just follow these few steps:

Step 1 – Click on the “Create new bucket” button.

Create Storage Bucket

Step 2 –  Here, You can choose private or CDN to create your storage bucket, e.g., I’m choosing CDN here.

Step 3 – Now, Enter a unique name and select your default index file (index.html generally) and Click on “Create New Bucket.”

Unique bucket name

Step 4 – Done! Your storage bucket is successfully created. Now, You can easily upload files and create new folders.

Are you still waiting?


BlazingCDN is one of the fastest-growing CDN service providers. It is

For Digital marketers, Bloggers & Website owners, It is recommended to use the best web hosting and Content delivery network to make their website load faster worldwide.

Well, It is not just limited to speed, but It will also help you secure your website from bot attacks and hackers.

BlazingCDN is the PERFECT and must-have CDN service for every online marketer or website owner who is trying to increase their website speed with top-notch security and friendly support.

There are many CDN services with the same feature, but BlazingCDN beats all of them in terms of affordable pricing and powerful servers.

I hope you enjoyed this article, feel free to share this post with your friends. Let me know, What is your opinion on BlazingCDN?

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