13+ Evergreen Blogging Ideas That Make Money

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To turn your blog into a life-long profitable business, you must need an evergreen niche <img draggable=

Nobody knows what will happen in the future. Popular trends and ideas come and go.

But, many niches stay relevant and ‘fresh’ for readers and can be updated with the latest information.

So, In this article, I’m going to cover 15 evergreen blogging ideas and niches that will make money for you even while sleeping.

Here we go!

Benefits Of Choosing Evergreen Blogging Ideas

Google & Other Search Engines Benefits: Yup! You heard it right. Most of the search engines love evergreen and well-optimized content.

Google crawls millions of web pages every day If your content is user-intent friendly and optimized. Then, Google will reward you with a top ranking in search results.

High and Consistent Traffic: Trust me, A blog with evergreen content never lack traffic because it typically achieves high ranking on the search engine, and people love to share this type of content on social media.

That’s why, If your content is ‘fresh’ and evergreen, it will keep bringing traffic to your blog even long after it was initially published.

Continual lead generation: It’s simple, When you get high traffic on your blog, your chance of generating quality leads will improve. As your content is evergreen and fresh, it will work as an unpaid employee who keeps generating leads for you.

Sounds good.

Blogging Ideas That Make Money <img draggable=

First foremost, As a passionate blogger, I will recommend you to start a blog in which you’re interested. By that way, you’ll enjoy your blogging journey.

To help you, here’s the list of 15 hand-picked blogging ideas: you’re free to select any niche in which you’ve interest.

Here we go!

15. Interviews

It is one of the best ways to learn and share helpful content with your blog readers.

Interviews - Blogging ideas that make money

You can set up interviews with your industry experts or people from your team to gain valuable knowledge. In addition, You’ll get perfect written content from experts.

Wait, How?

Let me simplify it, You don’t need to take the interviews physically. Just prepare a list of questions and find popular professionals from your industry and email them.

It’s a simple but effective way!

14. Frequently asked Questions

Peoples Never Stop Asking: “Why?, What?”

They need answers to all their questions to make decisions. Google knows it very well; that’s why You’ll also see the “People also ask” or “Q&A on Google” section in search results.

Frequently asked questions

If you’re answering the FAQs in a good manner. Then Google will reward you with the top spot.

You can start a FAQ blog in which you are interested. For example: Product FAQs, Tech FAQs, etc.


13. Product Reviews

Every day new products come into the market with a lot of queries.

You can be the one to answer the people’s queries with a detailed product review.

It’s a great way to drive traffic to your blog and earn money from it with a smart move.

You can join Affiliate programs of Products that you’re going to make a review on it, and If the readers like that product, then You’ll earn a commission. 

Blogging Ideas - Product Reviews

Choose a niche in which you’re really interested, Don’t be biased, Just to earn a commission – I know you’re Honest and Smart.

Because People can smell it easily, That’s why Popular bloggers write the ‘Pros & Cons” section while reviewing any products, which clarifies the purchaser’s doubts.

Live example: BlazingCDN Review.

Popular niches: Smartphone reviews, Beauty Product Reviews, Laptop reviews, etc.

12. Case Study

The serious audience loves Case studies <img role=

Even I also read case studies to understand and improve my marketing skills. 

Case studies are effective ways to engage your audience, which helps to build trust and loyalty.

For example, You can publish a Case study on your success or failure that you’ve experienced in your journey.

There are various formats of case study:

  • Business Case Study.
  • Marketing Case study.
  • Simple Case Study.
  • Sales Case Study and many more…

Live example: Walmart Case Study.

If you are a passionate writer and interested in targeting a marketing-focused audience, you should publish case studies.

11. Health & Fitness

Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy.

Even some boys like me want six-pack abs & a Healthy body <img draggable= , Maybe you also?

Health and Fitness, Blogging ideas that make money

If you’ve little knowledge about health, hygienic food to eat, meditation, etc.

So, It will be a great idea to start a fitness blog and let everybody follow your fitness routine.

Well, It’s a very profitable business as well.

You can Advertise, or promote Affiliate Products to a large audience.

10. Experience and Stories

Sharing Your Good or Bad Experiences with your readers can help you to build your personal brand.

Stories, blogging ideas that make money

Maybe you’ve seen people sharing their journey of how they succeed or their mistakes.

Yes, It an excellent way to connect with your audience; your readers get a chance to relate their journey with your experience.

It builds strong trust and brand affinity!

Try to fill your stories with emotions (Sacrifices you did, Problems you faced, etc.). If your readers feel emotion, they’ll come back to read more.

Isn’t it interesting?

9. Lists And Recommendation

This article is a live example of List’s article.

Numbered lists are a great way to keep the reader engaged until the last point. 

Little-bit psychological thing…

Let’s understand it with an example, Suppose I’m reading an article on “7 Best eCommerce Web Hosting” So, It creates curiosity in my mind that which hosting will be in the first spot. 

It softly convinces me to read the article until the last point.

Cheesy! <img draggable=

You can write articles like:

  • 13 Ways to use…
  • Top 9 Facts about…
  • 8 Amazing ____ To try right now.
  • 7 Tactics to…

8. Trending News and Topics

In this world, there is always something new and crazy in the headlines every day.

You can share the latest and fresh ideas. 

The latest trend is the best way to grab the reader’s attention. You can share your opinion on the trending topic with your audience.

You can monetize your traffic with Google Adsense to earn bucks from your blog!

You can find hot and trending topics by using SEMrush & Twitter.

7. Career Ideas

career ideas

Many youths keep hustling to get their favorite job.

You can give career advice to all the youths who are worried about their future (If you’re interested.)

It will help them to choose a better option for a much brighter career.

This topic is not limited to students only. But also,

  • Business Career Ideas.
  • Money Management.
  • Subject Career, etc.

You can publish more useful content like Career development, Self-employment, job opportunities, and much more.

6. Travelling Ideas

If you’re a guy who likes to travel and explore this world <img draggable=

So, You should start a travel blog.

You can help people like me, who want to make their vacation happier by visiting a beautiful place, say, Switzerland.

Again, It’s an Evergreen Topic and Profitable as well.

You can share your experience and travel to help other peoples.

Popular Trave Blogging Topics:

  • Best Places To Visit.
  • Traveling tips to ____
  • Must-Have things ____
  • 7 Reasons why you should visit ____

5. Financial Guide 

Thousands of people invest money in Startups blindly.

You can help them.

If your financial knowledge is strong, you can help peoples to invest their hard-earned money in the right direction.

You can share your advice, knowledge, and experience with your readers .i.e; serious investors.

Starting and Monetizing a Personal finance blog is really simple; you’ll get sponsorships from big brands and clients as well.

Popular Finance Blog Topics:

  • Personal Finance.
  • Best Startups to Invest ___
  • Money Management and Finance Tips. 

4. Gaming

The popularity of the Gaming Industry is increasing at rapid speed! <img draggable=

Every year it breaks a new record; say, GTA 5 broke the Guinness World Records on 8 October for the best-selling video game in 24 hours and fastest entertainment property to gross $1 Billion.

Isn’t it awesome?

If you’re interested in Gaming, then you can write detailed reviews on newly launched games in the market and share your opinion (Game quality, theme, Graphics, Controls, etc.)

It is one of the profitable and fastest-growing industries. 

3. Tech Guides

Tech Guides

Not everyone is a tech-geek.

Many of them need help to troubleshoot some errors they encounter when using a PC, Laptop, or Mobile devices.

You can start a troubleshooting blog (for tech) to help the content-seekers to solve their problem.

Sometimes, Even I need a reliable troubleshooting guide when my smartphone automatically gets locked.

So definitely, It’s also an evergreen topic for blogging; you can monetize this type of blog with Google AdSense and Affiliate products.

2. Money Making Tips

Peoples seek to find new ways to earn money.

Especially, After COVID-19, Many peoples lost their job, and thousands of startups closed.

You can help people to find out new ways to make money; it could really help them.

You can inform peoples about most-demanded skills, a new job or business opportunity, freelancing, etc.

Like –

  • How to make money online?
  • Beginners guide to Make Money.
  • 13 Profitable and Most-Demanded Skills.

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1. How-to Guides

Last but not least, How-to guides.

how to guides - best blogging idea

People generally don’t like to read a hundred pages manuals, They simply Google it to find out the instructions.

Even I do it.

In 2015, When I heard about Blogging and Planned to start a blog. I literally searched, How to start a Blog?

Which How-to guide you searched last time? 

The main purpose of blogging is to be helpful to your audience; you can address their problem and provide its solution.

Peoples love to share How-to guides on Social media.

Popular How-to guide ideas:

  • How to repair ___?
  • How to start ____?
  • How to use ____?
  • How to install ___?

It is endless! 


Pick your favorite topic and start working on it.

Remember, Blogging takes time and patience. Keep helping your audience to see the results.

I hope this article will help you to find a profitable blogging idea.

Let me know, Which blogging niche is your favorite? Comment below.

Thanks for reading!

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